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Runners Recalibration

image You don't need to run slow as a turtle.
Awaken your glutes and take the next hurdle.
Learn how to move that pelvic girdle.

Runners Recalibration Class
Workshop with Rik Misiura PT, GCFP

For Elite Athletes and Recreational Joggers that have an interest in:
Serious Speed Improvement
Injury Rehab or Prevention
Technique Correction
Increased Flexibility
Enhanced Understanding and Knowledge

Each class focuses on a different theme. Sample classes include:
Super Stretch a.k.a. "Loose as Albumin"
Maximizing Gluteus Maximus a/k/a/ "Smart Ass"
Flexible Feet a.k.a. "Springy Shock Absorber Feet"
Power Plio's a.k.a. "Jumping and Skipping to Speed"
Hip Opener a.k.a. "Free Hips & Pelvis"

Helping New Yorkers become Happier and Healthier

Call 212-765-4800 for workshop schedule and to make a reservation.

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